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All the kits on this page use enphase microinverters  under each panel. Monitoring is included too, not extra.

Learn more about SolarEdge inverters here.

Ironridge racking

The best and easiest racking on the market.  Goes up quick on any type of roof.  All your feet, rail, couplers, and clamps in the quantities you need for your roof layout.

Learn more about racking here.

All Black modules 280W each

All of our kits are based on the 280 Watt all black modules.  They look awesome. Black frame, black cells, black back sheet. Learn more about modules here.

Balance of System

Here's what separates our kits from everyone else. Super complete Balance of System. All the wire, not some, All the 50 little parts an pieces that send you back and forth to the hardware store. Learn more about Balance of System here




Here are all our enphase microinverter based do it yourself solar kits for home.  You will see they are designed at 1,000 Watt intervals.  We can easily create a kit for any number of modules/Wattage.  Give me a call to discuss your project.


2,000 Watt enphase Kit

(7) solar modules can fit on the roof of just about any home.  Here's a great 2000W starter kit that you could install really quickly.

$4,423   $2.26/W

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5,000 Watt enphase Kit

A 5,000Watt system is the low end of average. In southern states you could see 750kWh per month.  (18) modules make up the relatively small array. Serious power for under $10,000

$8,669    $1.72/W 

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solar kit home diy
3,000 Watt enphase Kit

3,000 Watts may not seem like much but if you're looking for a small kit that will produce some significant power, this (11) modules system may just be right for you.

$5,873   $1.91/W

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solar kit home diy
6,000 Watt enphase Kit

(22) solar modules on the roof of your home is awesome. Up to 900kWh per month.  The average household uses 850kWh/year. I love my 6,000W kit. Look at that price!

$10,104   $1.64/W

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solar kit home diy
4,000 Watt enphase Kit

At 4,000 Watts you're entering the world of serious solar power for your home. Depending on where you live as much as 600kWh per month could be achieved.

$7,041   $1.80/W 

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solar kit home diy
7,000 Watt ENPHASE Kit

(25)  modules make up the 7,000 Watt solar home roof kit.  This is some serious power.  I consider the 7,000 to the be right where you leave medium and enter the big systems

$11,418    $1.63/W 

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8,000 Watt ENPHASE Kit

With the 8,000 Watt solar home roof kit you're into the larger systems. If you've got high electric bills large systems are required to offset. (29) solar modules in this kit

$13,141  $1.62/W

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12,000 Watt enphase Kit

After large comes 'real big'  These solar kits for your home are real big. Most kits these size are ground mounts because they have such large arrays.  (43) modules take up 645sqft.

$18,797   $1.56/W

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9,000 Watt enphase Kit

When you go into the large kits like 9,000 Watts you'll  need to derate your main breaker in your Main Service Panel. Over 40Amps of back feed are delivered with these systems.

$15,301   $1.66/W

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15,000 Watt enphase Kit

Don't be intimidated by the number 15,000.  It's all the same work as the smaller kits, just more of it. More time setting feet, more rail, bigger wire.  You will be installing multiple inverters and combining in a sub-panel.

$22,695    $1.50/Watt  

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solar kit home diy
10,000 Watt enphase Kit

Our 10,000 Watt system requires you to look for space for (37) modules.  So you should have a pretty bog roof. You will be back-feeding 60 Amps of electricity with this system.

$17,237   $1.54/W

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solar kit home diy
20,000 Watt enphase Kit

I have installed many 20kW+ systems, but never sold a kit this big. You can be the first! (72) modules make up this system. You're going to need a large roof, like a barn or workshop.

$29,449  $1.46/W

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