How do I prepare for my Inspection?

The installation of  your solar kit on your home is complete.  The next step in the process is getting City Final Inspection.  This can occur very intimidating to many do-it-yourselfers.  It shouldn’t.  I love inspections.  Because I know there is only two outcomes.  The best is that I pass and the worst is a get…

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My 2 Cents about Solar Racking.

What you need to know to cut through the solar racking hype. Over the last decade I’ve been exposed to all the major brands and a few of the small players of racking manufacturers. In fact I’ve developed long friendships with many of the people who work at these companies and thus get to hear…

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Poly-crystallane modules vs Mono-crystalline Modules

In this future blog post I will explore a frequently asked question.  What’s the difference between poly and mono modules? Suffice to say mono are more efficient but cost more. I recommend going solar affordably.  Most modules I use are poly.  I don’t subscribe to the value proposition of mono-crystalline.  Just haven’t seen the real…

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What’s is this website all about? Complete Solar Kits!

That Solar Guy

Hello and welcome. I’m Jeff Van Dam aka “That Solar Guy” This website is has 2 purposes: #1 It presents our 3 Complete Solar Kits for home catalogs, Roof mount, Ground mount, Off-Grid #2 It’s a huge archive of solar do-it-yourself installation. I’ve poured everything I know about solar into this site. I’ve gathered all…

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How Much Solar Do I Need?

When people find out I’m a solar contractor they often ask “My house is X square feet. How much solar would I need?”  Inside I chuckle. **Place holder for future blog post*** Save Save

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