What’s is this website all about? Complete Solar Kits!

That Solar Guy

Hello and welcome.

I’m Jeff Van Dam aka “That Solar Guy” This website is has 2 purposes:

#1 It presents our 3 Complete Solar Kits for home catalogs, Roof mount, Ground mount, Off-Grid

#2 It’s a huge archive of solar do-it-yourself installation. I’ve poured everything I know about solar into this site. I’ve gathered all the manuals from the different racking and inverter makers. I’ve written my own manuals, step by step guides, created diagrams, graphics, illustrations to help you understand how to install you’re own solar. I’ve shot and edited videos about equipment reviews, installation best practices, concepts. Everything from sizing your system and then designing it all the way to inspection, monitoring and commissioning (turning it on)

All for one mission: “To offer an affordable alternative to going solar”

Two great areas to check out are:

Solar Components 101.  Here you will see 5 main subjects. Learn “All about Solar Modules” “All about solar inverters” “All about Racking” “All about Grounding” & “All about Wire”

My Solar Glossary, I’m especially proud of this.  Every term is not only defined, but there’s a picture of it, and a diagram showing where in the solar system it resides. Best of all it’s extensively hyperlinked. For example when I say the the AC disconnect is  located between the inverter and main service panel, both of the words ‘inverter’ and ‘main service panel’ link to a glossary page where they are defined/explained/illustrated.  You can literaly jump around from page to page clicking on everything you don’t know.

Blue Skies,

Jeff Van Dam

That Solar Guy

That Solar Guy

Note, this site will probably never be complete, it’s dynamic by nature. New equipment and new laws are coming out every year. In your surfing the site and you discover a hole in the learning, please shoot me an email and I will do my best to address the topic.



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