Ground Mounted Kits

Here is everything you need to install a ground mounted solar system.

  • Structure
  • Racking
  • Modules & Inverters

Similar to roof mounts, the size and configuration of your array is limitless.  For example let's say you need (24) modules. This could be 4 rows by 6 columns or 3 rows by 8 columns.  You might not have much width in your space due to shading of trees so you may opt for two arrays of 12 modules in a 4 row by 3 column configuration.

It’s important to have all the correct stuff in the correct quantities.  Our custom solar kits come with a bill of materials that  is super complete. Your solar kit is treated just like it was one of my jobs and I had to drive far away. No two kits are the same. We build YOUR Bill of Materials from the looking at YOUR plan set.

String Inverter Kits

String Optimizer Kits

Micro Inverter Kits

ground mount 101

Watch, Look, Read

ground mount videos

Ground Mount Videos

Here’s my two cents on different equipment being used in the industry today.

ground mount photo libraries

Ground Mount Photo Library

A huge library of photos taken out in the field on actual job sites. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words than here's a whole lot of talking.


Technical Manuals

I’ve gathered all the documents from around the internet here.

Specification sheets, manuals, engineering reports, diagrams, illustrations, graphics, just about ground mounts.

All Components are specifically chosen from years of field experience.

  • UL Listed
  • National Electric Code Compliant
  • Proper Size, Color, Quantity
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Check out my installation support section for some of the best solar installation training available.

Learn How to

  • layout the roof and install your racking
  • Properly bond your equipment
  • Wire up everything
  • Test and Inspection

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