Roof Mounted Solar Kits

Complete and customized to your roof. On this site is everything you need to install a roof top solar system on your home.

  • String-Inverter Kits
  • String Optimizer Kits
  • Micro-Inverter Kits

The tricky part of installing solar is the roof layout and installing racking. So it’s important to have all the correct stuff in the correct quantities.  No two kits are the same.  Our customized solar kits come with a bill of materials that is super complete.   I will build YOUR Bill of Materials from the looking at YOUR plan set. 


The first step is to determine what type of solar system best fits your application.  There are three types and whats different is the inverter topology.  Or simply stated,  how do you convert the DC electricity produced by the solar modules to the AC electricity your home uses?

Way to much to write/read so check out this video on the differences and why would you choose one over the other



Anchors For Every Roof

There is a different type of attachment for every different kind of roof.  Learn more about racking here


Learn how to install


Solar Components 101

Check out this section to learn about solar equipment.

  • All About Modules
  • All About Inverters
  • All About Racking
  • All About Wire
  • All About Balance of System
  • All About Grounding
  • All About Monitoring
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Roof Install Photo libraries

You can learn a lot just by looking. Over 10 years and 1,000's of installations,I've taken a whole bunch of pictures of installations in progress. I've collected some of the better ones here in to this one area. Enjoy!


Technical Manuals

Whatever system you are considering you don't have to leave the site to go get more information. Nope.  I’ve gathered all the equipment manuals from around the internet here. All the pdf's you could ever want.

  • Installation manuals
  • Spec Sheets
  • Marketing Literature

All Components are specifically chosen from years of field experience.

  • UL Listed
  • National Electric Code Compliant
  • Proper Size, Color, Quantity
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Check out my installation support section for some of the best solar installation training available.

Learn How to

  • layout the roof and install your racking
  • Properly bond your equipment
  • Wire up everything
  • Test and Inspection

Are you a small or new solar contractor?

We make a fantastic supply house for new guys or "once in-awhile" contractors.


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