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  • Specification sheets
  • Manuals & Engineering reports
  • Diagrams/Illustrations/Graphics

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Tools Required

What do tools will you need? Most tools are basic hand and power tools. A few are special. Be prepared for the day 1 and find out what tools make the work easier.

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Solar Design
  • How much solar do you need?
  • Module Selection
  • Inverter selection

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Step by Step Instructions

Roof Layout,  Install Racking, Wire the Array, Install Inverter(s), Bonding/Grounding, Point of Connection, & Monitoring.  It's all explained in this largest section of the website.

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  • Documents Required
  • Anatomy of your planset
  • Inspections

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Photo & Video Library

You could spend hours here.  All the solar photos and videos throughout the site are gathered here. Go get a drink, turn down the lights and get ready to learn everything I know about solar.

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