Roof Mounted Kits

Roof Mounts are the easiest to install and the most affordable
That’s why most of the solar kits I ship are roof mounted.

In this learning area you can watch, read, look and understand all about ROOF MOUNTED SYSTEMS. We try to provide everything you need to know to support and make your installation go as smooth as possible

Ground Mounted Kits

Customers who self-install ground mounts save a lot of money because these projects are labor intensive. Click here to learn all about the “non-roof” kits I provide. We will provide in-depth installation support for building a solar ground mount.

Ground mounts are medium difficulty to install and offer the best production.

Off-Grid Kits

Everything you need to bring power to your remote location.  Take it all up in 1 trip.   I have 3 Pre-packaged Systems ready to go ….or…..I can design you a custom kit to suit your requirements.

Already have solar? I can help you add a Battery Backup to your existing solar system.

Installation Support

Some of the best solar instruction on the internet is right here.

  • Step by Step Solar Instruction Manuals
  • Watch videos of how to perform installation tasks.
  • Access equipment Manuals
  • View  photo albums of 100’s of installation photo albums.
  • Codes, Rules, Spec Sheet

Solar Components 101

In this Learning Center I’ve gathered and created an easy way for you to learn about solar components.

I have tons of videos, manuals, diagrams, and graphics to explain not only the part, but also where it fits into the solar system, and how it affects other components.

Reading this section will help you understand the differences in our complete solar kits and give you confidence in your equipment choice.

Solar Glossary

Check out the coolest glossary ever!!

Read a definition, see a picture of it, see 2nd photo of it installad in the field, see a diagram of where it’s located in thesolar system.

But wait there’s more.  It’s super-duper hyperlinked. As you read about the something and other topics, parts, concepts come up, those words are linked to a similar page all about it.

My Solar Glossary is a fast track learning center.  Learn at your own pace and based on topics that peak your interest.